People You'll Notice

Father Chris

Fr. Christopher J. Kulig, O.Carm.

I first encountered this fun-loving, tuba-playing man of God during a MOB band rehearsal at Rice Stadium; at the time, he was known as Brother Chris. While I'm not Catholic and was once thrown from a speeding golf cart under Chris' control, I can't think of anyone better to start us off on our happiest journey. – Will


Karen Kachelmeier
Maid of Honor

Clarinet buddies gotta stick together. Though Karen and I had lived across the street from each other for years, we didn't become close friends until we both started playing the clarinet in middle school. Though I only play irregularly now, Karen has turned music into her career. She has traveled the world as a member of the Longhorn Band and the University of Texas' Wind Ensemble, and now she teaches middle school band in Leander, inspiring whole new ranks of clarinets to take over the world. All these low brass guys aren't going to know what hit 'em... – Julia


Geoffrey Price
Best Man

Though he and I may disagree about how much my "tough love" brothering techniques actually contributed to his success as a Notre Dame football player, I know that – deep down inside – his acceptance of his role as Best Man is an acknowledgement that he deserved it. That, or he's lulling me into a false sense of security, biding his time until the ultimate payback. Either way, everything will be fine as long as he's standing with me at the wedding. (Too many witnesses.) – Will


Caroline Scheevel

I've known Caroline since the day she was born; that's generally how it works with little sisters. Caroline is studying geology at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, and has just finished a three-month field camp in New Zealand, hiking from active volcanoes in the North Island to glaciers and rainforests in the South Island. When she's not studying Mt. Doom and other stratovolcanoes, she's the president of the Carleton Equestrian Club, kicking butt and taking manes – I mean, names. – Julia

Dr. Joe

Joseph Patrick
Groomsman, Ph.D.

Those initials up there mean that Joe earned his doctorate in music composition from LSU. I first met Joe a bit earlier than that, in 2000, when he was just a graduate student at Rice; one of the few that actively participated in The MOB. Over the years, he along with his wife Amy have become cherished friends to Julia and me both. – Will


Lauren Harrison Morrow

Hurricanes are generally bad – unless they lead to you meeting your roommate for the next three years. As freshmen awaiting Hurricane Rita in the Wiess College commons, Lauren and I shared our common interests in the MOB, in science, and in wondering why we were in a three-walled glass room waiting for a maelstrom. We survived the (non)storm and each decided that the other was pretty cool. Lauren is now finishing her doctorate in chemistry at Rice University while mastering (separately) the arts of cooking and millinery. – Julia


Justin MacDonald

Justin is one of my longest friends and yet another band nerd who, like Joe, plays trombone. (If you haven't noticed, there's a lot of low brass in this wedding.) Over the years our friendship flourished with common interests such as computer technology, photography and video media, not to mention an endless stream of Airplane! quotes. And please, stop calling him 'Shirley.' – Will


Meghan Rupnik
Cross Bearer

Meghan is my adorable, second-youngest cousin. She once asked me to explain my benefit to, "you know, society", and I'm not sure my response regarding software development was deemed adequate. On the other hand, her benefit to this wedding is clear: we've asked her to bear the burden of carrying the Cross down the aisle. Meghan's younger sister, Anne, is just as adorable and hasn't yet asked me to justify my existence; however, we eldest siblings have got to stick together, so Meghan got the leg up on this one. – Will


Thomas Barr

Thomas, Teebs, T-Barr, ... peach? Whatever you call him, he's probably the smartest man in this wedding, and a damn good friend, too. Thomas is currently working toward his doctorate in electrical engineering also at, you guessed it, Rice. While his title officially says "usher", that's only because we didn't have any other lovely ladies to hang on his arm. So please don't tell Julia that I have a fourth groomsman. (She doesn't know!) – Will


Kathleen Ellis

Those who know me well know that I've always had an affinity for Chicago – the Cubs, the to-me-it's-still-the-Sears Tower, and of course the deep dish pizza. My Aunt Kathy, unlike my mother and my Aunt Wendy, stayed near Chicago for her career as an educator. One might reasonably think that's reason enough for me to ask Kathy to read at our wedding, but I also have the honor and pleasure to be her godchild. When Julia and I independently decided that we wanted our own godparent to read from the Scriptures, the matter was settled: it just felt right. – Will


Dr. Chris Lahart

Along with his wife Irene, Chris is half of the dynamic duo known as "Julia's godparents." Like Lauren and me, Chris and my dad were roommates at Rice; later, he was the best man at my parents' wedding. Chris is now a doctor here in Houston, though he has had a long and illustrious career as a professional soccer dad for his and Irene's five kids. – Julia

Will & Julia