Frequently Asked Questions
... and their answers, which you will find more useful:

Is it over?
Yes! While we were happy to share the day with everyone, we are extremely glad to be married and no longer planning a wedding. If you weren't there, sorry — you missed it. (And yes, it was awesome.)
What is the dress code?
We request that you wear church-appropriate attire for the ceremony. The reception venue requests that women wear a cocktail dress and that men arrive in a coat and tie (no jeans). After all, Julia is dressing up, so you should, too! (Also, see the note about the weather below.)
What will the weather be like?
The icky, humid summer in Houston yields to a pleasantly warm fall between the end of September and the middle of October. That said, this is Texas and the weather changes without warning. Guests should be prepared for a very warm afternoon around the time of the ceremony and perhaps a cooler evening after sunset. Rain is possible at any time.
What does Rite of Marriage outside of Mass mean?
Although we will be having a Catholic ceremony, we are not doing the full Catholic Mass with Holy Communion. Our programs will have a guide for those not familiar with the format of Catholic services.
Can I take pictures during the ceremony?
Yes, you may capture photographs from your seat as long as the flash is turned off and any electronic sounds are muted. Please keep in mind that, as happy as we are to be getting married, the wedding is a religious ceremony and care should be taken not to disturb the service or the other guests around you.
What should I do if I have dietary restrictions?
We will do our best to accommodate our guests with special dietary needs, but we cannot promise that every request will be met. Please indicate your dietary restrictions on your reply card, or use our RSVP page to update your meal preferences.
Is there a fee to park at or near the church?
No, parking in designated lots owned by the church is free. Please refer to the church's Web site for details. Note that some parking areas listed on that page may apply only to Sunday services; for convenience, we recommend using the lot for the old cathedral, directly across St. Joseph Parkway from the new cathedral. The surrounding area has street parking available in designated locations with meters that accept cash and credit cards; however, there is absolutely NO street parking in front of the church on St. Joseph Parkway.
Is there a fee to park at the Crowne Plaza hotel?
Yes. Guests that book as a member of our wedding block receive a negotiated rate of $10/night. Bookings outside of the block (through Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.) will be subject to the hotel's current rate at the time of your stay; please see the hotel's Web site for details.
Where do I park for the reception?
We are happy to provide complimentary valet service at the Petroleum Club for your convenience.
What transportation will be provided?
Guests staying at the Crowne Plaza may make use of the hotel's complimentary shuttle service between the hotel and destinations in and around the downtown area, including the church and reception venues. METROrail's Red Line runs along Main Street, with stations located 1 ½ blocks from each venue, at a cost of $1.25/person per trip. For those who enjoy a bit of fresh air, there is also the eco-friendly option of walking approximately seven short city blocks. Though the wedding takes place downtown in a major metropolitan area, taxi service is best obtained by calling the dispatch office of your choice.
Where are you registered?
We are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate & Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma.
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