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We're not entirely sure what to say or where to start. It's our first rodeowedding, after all! Short story: Will Price asked Julia Scheevel out on a date; things went well; now we're getting married. For the longer story... well, it might go something like this:

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In the spring of 2011, Will and Julia finally take a long-awaited trip to placeParis. Julia is thrilled to see the plural nouncathedrals, and Will is just happy to be prep. phraseon vacation. Of course, what does one do while in placeParis? Visit famous placethe Eiffel Tower! Will suggests that we verbeat a picnic lunch, but Julia rejects that idea. "exclamationDrat!", cringes Will. His first plan thwarted, Will slyly suggests that they then verbgo at timesunset so that he could take adjectivedramatic plural nounphotos of the city. Julia agrees.

At dusk atop famous placethe Eiffel Tower, it's cooling off and becoming quite adjectivewindy, and Will hasn't quite finished taking pictures. While Julia will die of exposure in number70-degree weather, Will would gladly spend the winter in his clothingshorts.

"Can w-w-we go inside now?" whines Julia.

"any phraseNo," replies Will. He wants a few more plural nounpictures.

"Can we go inside n-n-now?" chatters Julia.

"Not yet," he says. "Point me to your adjectivefavorite view."

Irked, Julia thinks, "exclamationGeez! It's cold! My favorite view is the one that gets me inside the superlativefastest." So she takes two plural nounsteps and points. "Over there is pretty good," she shrugs.

At this point, Will makes that nounview a whole lot better by asking Julia to marry him.

"commandWait, are you asking me for real this time?"

Clearly he was, because you're here playing with our silly Mad Libreading our story!

Will & Julia